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If you are in need of such a 4. 0 Ble Bluetooth module, mcu can be set up, also can controlled by a remote Bluetooth device for setting, can transfer data and can remotely control 10 pio pins, so, the best choice is hm-10 Bluetooth module. Can replace hc-05, hc-06, hc-07 etc. Support central and peripheral mode switch, modify by at commander. Support remote control mode, remote device can control pio pin or modify settings by at commander when connected. (Such as iphone4s/5 iPad, note2 etc. ). The Bluetooth uart rs232 serial converter module can easily transfer the uart data through the wireless Bluetooth, without complex pcb layout or deep knowledge in the Bluetooth software stack, you can combine this Bluetooth module with your system: mcu, arm or dsp systems. Soc systems. Personal digital assistants (pdas). Computer accessories. Other systems your want to use under Bluetooth functions. Device features: cc2541 Bluetooth chip solution. Fully qualified Bluetooth v4. 0 Ble. Full speed Bluetooth operation with full piconet support and scatter net support. Incredible small size with 3. 3V input and rohs compliant. Uart interface and with baud rate setup function.

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Brand: Robo India
Model: BLE-4.0
MCU: Cc2541
Weight: 20.00gm
Part Number: cc2541
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