Workshop & Training

Workshop & Training

A chance of Free Workshops

Workshops on Robotics for Beginner

We organise Workshops & Bootcamps on Robotics of Beginner Level at Free of Cost in the Schools & Colleges  .Contact us to join the worksop or let it be held in your school/college campus.

Workshops on Internet of Things

Bymond organizes Hands-On 2 Days Workshops on Internet of Things with Arduino,Raspberry Pi ,ESP8266 for the college students . Contact with us for more details if you want to organize in your Institution.

Workshop & Seminar on Industrial IoT

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is the use of smart sensors and actuators to enhance manufacturing and industrial processes. We offer Seminars & Workshops on the application of IIoT to the College students.

Training on Embedded System & Programming

Embedded system courses are designed to cover all aspects of programming and designing a system with intelligence. Soon we shall start this training on this for college students. 

Workshop on RTOS

Our manufacturer independent RTOS training class covers issues like why the usage of Real-Time Operating Systems becomes more important for many applications and includes a hand-on introduction to RTOS concepts.

Home Automation with Bluetooth & WiFi

Smart Home is a house that uses information technology to monitor the environment, control the electric appliance and communicates with the outer world. Smart Home is a complex technology, at the same time it is developing.