Angular JS Complete Course

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This workshop teaches how to build more interactive web applications using AngularJS.


  • Introduction to JavaScript and related tools
  • Working with functions and objects in JavaScript
  • What is AngularJS
  • What are the benifits of using AngularJS
  • How to build a web page with Angular JS
  • Understanding View and Model
  • Creating and using Controllers
  • Creating and using Modules
  • One way and two way data binding
  • What is a directive and how to use pre-defined directives
  • Working with templates and scopes
  • How to use built-in Filters
  • Creating custom filters
  • Using forms with AngularJS
  • Working with validation and styling in forms
  • Dependency Injection
  • Using built-in services
  • Making AJAX requests using $http
  • Consuming Restful services using $resource
  • Creating services and using them
  • Implementing Routing using $routeProvider
  • How to integrate jQuery into AngularJS
  • An example of Single Page Applications(SPA) using AngularJS
  • Introduction to Angular 2.0
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