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Novu Integration Service From Bymond

What Is Novu?

Novu is an open-source notification infrastructure that provides a pre-built solution for businesses to create rich and customized user notification experiences.

With Novu, businesses can send notifications through multiple channels, such as email, SMS, push, and in-app, and define workflows and conditions for each channel. Additionally, Novu offers ready-to-use UI components and an API that can be used to build a custom notification center.

Fully featured notification center

Novu provides with a set of APIs and components to create rich customized notification center experiences.

We can either choose to work headless with Their notification feed API and create Our own custom notification center user interface, or use Their ready-to-use UI and customize it partially.

How Novu Works?

At Bymond, we offer professional integration and installation services for Novu, an open-source notification infrastructure that helps businesses create rich and customized notification experiences for their users. With our expertise in Novu’s APIs and SDKs, we can help businesses integrate Novu into their existing systems and solutions, providing a seamless experience for their users.

We Do Provide All You May Need

Consultation: We start by understanding the unique needs and requirements of your business, and how Novu can help you achieve your goals. We then provide a detailed consultation on the best approach for integrating Novu into your existing systems and solutions.

Customization: We can customize Novu according to your business needs, including designing custom workflows and conditions for each notification channel, and integrating Novu with your preferred providers for sending notifications through different channels like SendGrid, SendInBlue, etc.

Integration: Our team of experienced developers can integrate Novu seamlessly into your existing systems and solutions, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your business operations.

Installation: We can install Novu on your preferred hosting environment or cloud platform, ensuring optimal performance and scalability.

Training and Support: We provide training and support to your team, ensuring they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to use Novu effectively and efficiently.

By Choosing Our Service, You Can:

Save time and resources by leveraging our expertise in Novu’s APIs and SDKs

Improve user engagement and retention by delivering timely and relevant notifications to your users

Reach users through multiple channels, such as email, SMS, push, and in-app notifications

Customize Novu to match your business needs and preferences

Ensure seamless integration and minimal disruption to your business operations

Receive training and support to help your team use Novu effectively and efficiently

Our team has extensive experience working with small to medium-sized businesses that use SaaS, PaaS, or microservices. We understand the challenges that businesses face when integrating new software into their existing systems. We work closely with our clients to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.


We Take The Time To Understand Your Requirements And Provide Solutions That Meet Your Specific Needs.


We Also Offer Cost-Effective Solutions And Competitive Pricing For Our Novu Integration And Installation Services.


Our Team Ensures That The Solutions We Provide Are Scalable, Allowing You To Expand Your Business

Operations Without Any Disruption To Your Notification Infrastructure. 


We Understand The Importance Of Timely Delivery, And We Work Efficiently To Ensure That Your Novu Integration And Installation Is Completed Within The Agreed Timeframe. 


Additionally, We Provide Excellent Customer Support To Ensure That You Receive Timely Assistance And Support Whenever You Need It.

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