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BYMOND is determined to lead the education towards learning, creativity, and innovation with imagination independent thinking & hands-on. We provide a contemporary and practical learning environment for the students.



  • A comprehensive workshop for beginners to understand various nuances of Robotics Technology.
  • This program will help the participants to get important insights into the development of Gesture technology
  • Participants will also gain insights into various programming platforms and shall be able to understand the overview of electronics, mechanical, electrical and IT programming.
  • The program shall include hands-on for Gesture Controlled Robot.



Gesture Controlled Robot: Student will be introduced to Gesture-based Smartphone

controlled Robot, mechanical chassis building, Electronic circuitry interfacing &

programming, after completion of Robot.

Materials Provided:

Participants will be provided the Gesture Controlled kit for the workshop.

Programming Tools:

Arduino IDE

Robot Control:

Through Smartphone



Gesture Controlled Robot Kit Details:

  • Robot Chassis Small [1]
  • BO2 Motor[2]
  • BO Motor Wheel [2]
  • Castor Wheel [1]
  • Microcontroller & Programming Cable [1]
  • High Watt 9V battery[2]
  • Motor Driver [1]
  • Bluetooth Module[1]
  • Power Connector Assembly[1]
  • Jumper Connectors [10]
  • MDF Board [1]
  • Screw Driver[1]
  • Nut & Bolts, Screws, Spacer

All the above components would be provided as a complete kit during the program to each team participating in groups of 1 to 5 .

Learning Outcomes

  • The participant will understand about World of Robotics
  • The participant will able to Assemble & amp; Program the Gesture Controlled Robot

Who Should Attend

  • Age Group 12+
  • School/ College Students
  •  Undergraduates, Graduates
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