Learn to Build Web Apps with Vue JS 2 & Firebase

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What you’ll learn
  • Get in-depth knowledge of Vue JS & Firebase from the ground up
  • Build & deploy 3 real-world web apps with Vue JS & Firebase
  • Learn about & implement Firebase authentication into Vue JS web apps
  • Use other Firebase services such as a Firestore database, Cloud Functions & Hosting
The course content of Build Web Apps with Vue JS 2 & Firebase:

Course Files
Text Editor Setup
What is Vue.js?
Setting up Vue.js (the simple way)
The Vue Instance
Data Binding
The Event Object
Keyboard Events
Two-way Data Binding (v-model)
Conditional Output with v-if
Looping with v-for
The Vue CLI
Components & Vue Files
The data() Function
Nesting Components
Scoped CSS
Passing Data with Props
Custom Events
Life-cycle Hooks
Making Requests with Axios
Computed Properties (custom search box)

What is the Vue Router?
Setting up Routes
Router Links
Route Parameters
Watching the $route Object
More on Router Links
Programmatically Redirecting Users
Hash vs History Mode
Styling Active Links
Project Preview & Setup
Project Structure
Material Design
Navbar Component
Index Component
Deleting (local) Data
Introduction to Firebase
Setting up Firestore
Installing Firebase
Retrieving Firestore Data
Deleting Firestore Data
Add Smoothie Component
Adding Ingredients
Outputting Ingredients
Saving Records to Firestore
Deleting Ingredients
Edit Smoothie Route
Firestore Queries
Edit Smoothie Form
Updating Firestore Records
Deploying to Firebase
Project Review
Project Overview & Setup
Project Structure
Firestore Setup
Making a Welcome Screen
Passing Props Via Routes
Route Guards
Creating the Chat Window
New Message Component

Adding Messages to Firestore
Real-Time Events (event listeners)
Formatting Times with Moment
Deploying the App
Project Review
Project Overview & Setup
Project Structure
Setting up Firebase
Navbar Component
Map Component
Google Maps API
Creating a New Map
Creating a Signup Page
Firebase Auth & Data Structure
Checking if an Alias exists
Signing up a User
Creating Firestore User Records
Wrapping the Vue Instance
Logging a User Out
Login Component
Logging Users In
Geolocation API
Updating a User’s Location
Route Guarding (auth)
Conditional Navbar Links
Ninja (map) Markers
User Profiles
User Comments (data discussion)
Adding Comments
Showing Comments (Real-Time)
Some Final Styles
Deploying the app
What Are Cloud Functions?
Creating a Simple Callable Function
Calling a Function
Intro to Firebase Rules
ES6 Arrow Functions
ES6 Promises
Imports and Exports
JavaScript Filter Method
Vue CLI 3 Introduction
Using the new Vue CLI
The CLI Service

Custom Presets
Adding Plugins
Build & Deploy to Firebase
Instant Prototyping
Build Targets (Making a Web Component)
Using Web Components
The Vue GUI (part 1)
The Vue GUI (part 2)
Using ‘vue init’ with the New CLI


Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to create apps with Vue & Firebase
  • Anyone who wants to learn Vue and Firebase
  • Anyone who wants to learn about Authentication in Vue apps
  • Anyone who wants to learn Vue JS from the ground up
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to use Firebase in their applications
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